Friday, December 25, 2009

The Sporadic Blogger

Christmas 2009

Yes, I should re-title my blog THE SPORADIC BLOGGER. I was going to delete the entire blog to date and start fresh until I reread some of my posts and realized that there are things there I want to remember, and that this is a good reason to try to blog more regularly.

For instance, reviewing my New Year's 2009 blog, I can happily report that I accomplished several of my goals. No, I didn't lose weight, so that one will be slapped on the 2010 list o' things I wanna' do. We're actually starting a Biggest Loser thing in our office on January 4, so maybe I'll succeed htis year? Anyway... not beating myself up!!!

Chris did finish his book and it will be published in July 2010. It is available for pre-order on Amazon and is already selling! He's received the edited manuscript back and is working on that, as well as reviewing and re-working some images. I won't see much of him in the next several weeks.

I did get back east and get to spend 10 days with family and friends. It was WONDERFUL, though bittersweet. "You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone." It was hard to leave, but I was so incredibly happy to have quality time with Susan and Sharon, to see my brother John and his children, to spend time in the beautiful cemetery where my dad is buried, and to be by the ocean...

The last week has been emotionally difficult. I'm dealing with sciatica, which is very painful. Friends of ours are spending Christmas at the hospital, because their 17-year-old daughter was in a car wreck (caused by black ice) and is in pretty rough shape (although she will recover). A family I am very close to asked me to attend the sentencing of the man who killed their daughter/granddaughter/niece. That was a gut-wrenching afternoon, and justice was not served. The man plead guilty to a lesser charge of involuntary manslaughter. He was originally charged with first degree murder. He received 7 years for the murder he committed. With time served and good behavior, he can be out in less than 2 years. There can never be justice for the murder of a child, but this is ludicrous. I'm asking people I know to show their outrage at this ridiculous sentence and their support for the Williams' family by reading about little Reagan and considering a contribution to Reagan's Rescue at

I do believe there is a greater justice beyond this life, but how does that help the Williams family heal and move on? I don't know...

I do know that two members of the family are involved in the show I am directing, THE SPITFIRE GRILL. And it is my genuine hope that the creative effort of performing will be a positive light in their lives. Directing this show is a source of joy for me. I love the challenge, the thought-process, the creativity, the cast, the production team! As a director, I know I am blessed to have incredible support, and I do not take it for granted one little bit. I am sure future blogs will relate more about this experience. Particularly since Geno is in the show, and it's going to be quite a balancing act... mother/son and director/actor. Ohmy.

Right now, it is Christmas morning and things are quiet. I slow-roasted a turkey overnight, and the house smells amazing. Chris has taken Mollie for a walk, and now we're just waiting on the boys to open the few gifts under the tree. (Few because the things the boys wanted really couldn't be wrapped -- like money for car repairs, or, in Alex's case a new (used) car.) Last night, Chris brought me home some Crystal Skull Vodka. Oh, yes! Vodka triple filtered through crystal then bottled in Italian glass shaped like a crystal skull! Later on today we'll head over to the home of friends for dessert and fun.

I won't promise to blog again soon. But maybe... just maybe... I will surprise myself.

Sending out love and light and blessings to all on this dark, rainy, peaceful Christmas morning.

Until I write again...