Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pockets of Peace and Bliss

Sunday is my favorite day of the week.

Most often, Sunday is my day to sleep in (to the extraordinarily late hour of 8:30 a.m., or even 9:00 a.m.!), to start with a long relaxed cup of coffee over the newspaper or catching up on email or doing some random Googling just for fun.

Chris usually walks with his friends Sunday mornings, then goes out for breakfast, so there's no cooking that needs to be done, and, best of all, no cleaning up.

I guess you could say that Sunday is my day to slack. My day to go inside my own head and let my thoughts wander. To count my blessings or to spend a luxurious hour reading. It's the one day when I can find moments of quiet and relaxation.

I like to spend some time outdoors on Sundays. Even cold ones that are spitting teeny snowballs like today. So this morning I grabbed the little rake (a dog brush), and spend time out in the backyard grooming the girls (my dogs). It was deliciously chilly!

And, this will sound weird, but I take pleasure in catching up with laundry on Sundays. There's no time during the week, and my boys are pretty self sufficient, but by Sunday, a mountain of dirty clothes and towels has mysteriously appeared on the cellar floor, and there it would sit and continue to grow if one of my Sunday things wasn't conquering that mountain! (I'm halfway through it as I type.) I just love the smell of fresh laundry!

I've filled the crockpot with homemade sauce for pasta -- a thick meaty sauce that will chase off the chill of the day. My son is out playing Ultimate Frisbee with his friends in the cold. My younger stepson is probably snogging on the couch with his girlfriend (while Finding Nemo is blaring out of the TV... how cute is THAT?). My elder stepson is due home soon from a few days away with friends.

All would be right with my world, except Chris is in Egypt, a world away, and I miss him. I miss him. I crave his presence. I feel a bit sad and lost whenever we are separated by travel, but Egypt is the worst, since she tried to kill him last time he went. He seems to be doing well this time, though. And he'll be home in four days, I hope. (The airline keeps putting the return flights off, which makes me unhappy.)

And now that I have totally impressed myself by blogging two days in a row, I am going to treat myself to an hour with my nose tucked deeply into the pages of a book. (An old Anne Rice I haven't had time to read before now.)

May your Sunday, too, be filled with pockets of peace and bliss!

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