Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What a Wednesday!

All right. I know. I haven't blogged for a few days. At least I haven't let it slide for a week or a month or forever, so I won't beat myself up too badly.

It's a cold, crisp Wednesday. Below freezing this morning, though the low humidity meant no frost. I love this weather! But I would have enjoyed doing something more productive (like raking leaves) than taking my son to traffic court for a speeding ticket. That cost a nice chunk of change, and our auto insurance rates will be affected. This kid better find a job soon! (Not that he's not try. Just not many jobs to be had for teens where we live.)

I'm feeling fiscally stressed more than usual today. Can you tell?

After court and errand-running, I came home to work on math homework. I've procrastined for two weeks, and now I've got a homework deadline of tomorrow night. I don't know if I'll make it, especially since Chris gets home from Egypt tomorrow night (yay!), and my head won't be in mathland. The fourteen-year-old in me is still crossing her arms across her breasts, thrusting out a defiant lower lip and wanting to know why the hell I have to take math -- ANY math EVER -- since I will never ever in a million years take a job or pursue a project that requires math of any sort. I can do what I need to do like balance a checkbook, calculate a discount and divide a recipe. Why the hell does math have to be part of every single freakin' college degree?

End of rant.

(Especially since I know that particular rant isn't going to get me anywhere.)

I think I need chocolate.

Well. WANT chocolate.

I have a new book staring at me from the printer stand where I set it. It's called The Writer's Idea Book. It's supposed to stimulate writing. (Um. Sorry... that was probably obvious.) I think I may begin using this blog for writing exercises, which might provide the blog reader with more entertainment than my rants and babbling about my rather tepid (though not unsatisfying) life.

I have one blog follower (and only one at the moment... ::: waving to my friend and loyal blog follower::: ) who suggested that since she has become a follower, I must start divulging secrets in this blog. Hmmmmm...

Well, it's not really a secret since a lot of people know it, and I don't really hide it, but maybe it will be new info to some readers.

So, today's nugget of info: I am a collector of Tarot decks and a reader. Well, I used to be a reader when I had more time and less chaos in my life. I was pretty darn good, too. I was especially drawn to and most successful with doing readings by email, and best of all complete strangers. (I think most readers would agree that the more you know a person, the less objective you can be when doing a reading.) I actually used to auction/sell readings on eBay, and my old, old feedback under my original eBay ID (jeanze) should still show the responses to those readings. (Although eBay might have done away with those old feedbacks when they switched feedback systems. Que sera sera!)

Time to return to math homework. *sigh* Hopefully the next blog post will be less of a rant and something more thought-provoking.


Danielle Barlow said...

I've always been fascinated by the look of Tarot cards, though never known how to do a reading. They have such fascinating names, and usually beautiful artwork. It's another thing on my neverending list of things to do!

DEB said...

Jeanne - I'll be a follower of yours! I'll add your blogsite to the blog list on my blog too!

I'm good at math. I'll do your homework. I loved algebra. (Okay, so I'm certifiable. I can't help it!)

If you get bored, do a Tarot reading on me!!!


Linda said...

Hi,Really enjoyed your Blog,. I used to read Tarot ages ago, I got a bit spooked after someone said my reading couldnt possibly be correct. So to appease them I put all the cards back, and did a reshuffle, recuts, and exactly the same cards came out again..

Tessa said...

I, too, love the artwork on Tarot Cards, but they scare me a bit. Do I really want to know what my future holds? Would knowing make me a different person?

For a while, back in the day, I liked the gentler, kinder, more mellow I Ching.

(Jeanne, I tagged you on my blog...check it out!)

DEB said...

Hi Tessa, Hi Danielle!

Jeanne - It's Thursday. You can't call it a daily journal if you're still on WEDnesday! (Just teasing...I'll be AWOL from the computer this weekend, so I've gotta run around and bug everyone today!) DEB

DEB said...

I've been tagged, so I have to tag 6 more people....I choose you! I explained it on my blog,, but basically you list 6 things about yourself, and tag 6 more bloggers. Have fun! DEB

Leola said...

Hi Jeanne.....Found your blog. Very interesting :) Love it. I'm terrified of tarot cards. Long story...... Southshoreartist

Joann said...

I could relate to this blog today. I love chocolate, my son used to get speeding tickets (they grow out of it I promise) and I really really really don't like math!

Anyway nice blog....I'm HeyLucy1 in the group on Ebay........nice to "see" you....Joann