Sunday, July 12, 2009

Disappointment & Perseverence Go Hand-in-Hand

Well, I didn't get either of the jobs in the school district. I have soothed my devastated soul and wounded esteem with logic about probable in-house hiring or hiring of someone with less experience who would, therefore, make less of an impact on the school budget.

I keep reminding myself that before I went into that first interview, I sent a prayer up to God. "Please put me where I'm supposed to be for my own greatest good and the greatest good of my family and employers."

After the initial disappointment, which was quite severe, I kept reminding myself about the prayer, and reconciled myself to the fact that all is as it should be, and I am where I should be.
I must say that my current boss was absolutely delighted with the outcome! And I do adore her, so that made me smile.

I will persevere. The winds of change are blowing in my department at work, and there is a possibility, and a gut feeling, that I may be moving in to another position. It is a much better fit for me. More project work. Less phones and walk-in traffic. More creative stuff... desktop publishing, flyers, publications, Powerpoint. Fingers crossed! Toes, too. I can be patient.
Other than that, there is not much to tell. Family is wonderful! I've managed to start a few small artworks. I've started writing blocking notes for The Spitfire Grill (the show I'm directing during the upcoming theatre season). I'm very excited about the directing gig! And it really seems significant that I will be turning 50 the weekend the show runs.

Cronedom approaches!

And on that note, I am heading to bed!

Until next time...

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