Saturday, July 4, 2009

So Very Quiet

It's July 4th. The house is eerily quiet. The boys are both off for the weekend, and Chris and I are home alone. Chris had trouble sleeping last night, so he's still in dreamland. It is overcast and a gentle rain is falling. That might put a damper on the plans of other folks, but I'm loving it!

I learned Thursday late afternoon that I wasn't selected for a job for which I'd interviewed. I was extremely disappointed, but there was some consolation. They have asked me back this coming Monday to interview for another job as Secretary to the Principal of one of the elementary schools. I'm trying to get over the disappointment on the first job and gear myself up to believe I'll get this second job. I did do a little prayer before the first interview that God put me where I need to be for the greater good of my family and myself, so maybe... maybe...

See, that's the thinking I need to change. I need to go into this interview on Monday with the same confidence I had last time around. But I'm afraid to get my hopes up. *sigh*

Not that it's the end of the world to stay where I am. Not quite, anyway. I do adore my boss. She's wonderful; a good friend, as well as an understanding and appreciative boss. But the job itself sucks the life out of me and leaves me feeling unfulfilled and depressed. It's a hard way to make a living, not doing what one loves.

Oh, if things could be done over again, eh? But they can't. I can change the future, though, so I'm officially manifesting a successful interview and the landing of the job!

So here I sit in the intense quiet of the house, fretting.

I think I will distract myself by starting THE TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE, a book that came highly recommended by a friend. Would suit the misty, overcast, warm mood of the day.

And maybe there will be fireworks later. ;-)

We are, after all, home alone!

Here's one of those self-shot dorky pix... Chris and I at Alex's graduation:

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