Saturday, November 27, 2010

Shhhh... I'm cheating...

I got too wrapped up in enjoying the evening with my husband last night, and I didn't get in my 15 minutes of writing. I thought about it, but I really was very tired, and I just wanted to slip into bed and drift off to dreamland. So that's what I did.

It was an interesting night in dreamland. Before I woke up this morning, I was dreaming I was a teenager again, and, with a choral group, I was visiting the White House. We were IN the White House. Actually spending the night in the White House. I'd lost my purse, so what felt like hours and hours, I was going in and out of room (resembling dorm rooms), looking for my purse. I actually found myself in the Obamas' living quarters, and a room decorated for Christmas, with gifts under the tree. I remember thinking, "How is it possible that I have this much freedom wandering around the White House?"

I never did find my purse, but during the search, something fell on my right foot, nearly severing it about a third of the way down from the toes. I'd done some kind of basic binding on the foot... and I remember something about Super Glue (how convenient that it was handy!), but the pain was excruciating.

I woke up when it was morning at the White House, still not able to find my purse, but my last memory of the dream is looking at my foot, which was a real mess, and remembering how much it hurt.

In actuality, it wasn't the foot, per se, but the ankle that is painful. The ol' metal and bone combo not expanding and contracting at the same pace. I got to the point of limping yesterday, and usually getting off the foot and warming it up in bed helps, but it's still pretty darn sore.

I will spend part of today pondering the meaning of the lost purse. As everyone knows, a woman's purse really holds all the critical items she needs for life. This could get interesting.

Now I've spent 15 minutes writing, and I haven't opened my email yet, so when I respond to the inquiry about whether or not I got my minimum 15 minutes in, I can reply yes with a somewhat clear conscience. Right? 

This evening, I'm going to select a writing exercise to switch things up a bit.

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Joann said...

you need to get one of those dream books! lol